The Ultimate List of Gender-Neutral Gifts for Kids

Gender-neutral toys have become a huge trend in recent years. They’re great for kids because they help children focus on their skills and not on stereotypes. Some good examples include rings, clothes, prayer mats, and more.

Traditionally, dolls and creative toys were aimed at girls and STEM toys at boys. But the pendulum has begun to swing back. Here are a few great gender-neutral gifts for kids to consider this holiday season:

1. Tegu Blocks

Wooden blocks are a classic toy that promotes imaginative play. By stacking and arranging the blocks, children can build anything their imagination desires. In doing so, they will develop their fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities. Blocks also encourage collaboration and communication among peers, promoting social development. And, because wooden blocks are a more sustainable and eco-friendly toy compared to plastic ones, they also inspire an appreciation for the environment.

Tegu Magnetic Blocks add a twist to this traditional toy by safely embedding magnets into each piece. The blocks are coated with a safe, water-based finish to protect the wood and allow for smooth connections. These blocks encourage curiosity by adding a new element to construction play — children will love discovering the ways that these blocks attract and repel one another.

The company behind these magnetic wooden blocks, Tegu, focuses on building products that are socially and environmentally responsible. The company sources the wood for their toys from a local Honduran cooperative and supports the forest’s natural regeneration process by planting one tree for every set sold.

2. Kid Made Modern Robot Kit

Gender-neutral toys help kids explore their natural interests without being constrained by societal gender norms. They’re also great for encouraging inquisitiveness and experimental thinking, which are important skills to develop. Whether it’s a play food cutting set, stamp sets to improve dexterity, or a simple box of basic blocks, these are all fantastic choices for kids!

Previously, it was common to aim STEM-related toys at boys and anything with princesses, unicorns, or cars at girls. However, with more and more brands focusing on inclusivity and the lack of gender stereotypes, these toys are no longer so gender-specific.

Another great option is this at-home ball pit, perfect for little ones to get their wiggles out. Unlike the germ-filled, noisy playgrounds at public parks, this one has a soft, padded surface that’s safe for their hands and feet. Plus, it can fit up to 500 balls! And if you want to go even more green, this one is made with recycled plastic and printed with soy inks. Not to mention, it’s made in America.

3. Kid Made Modern Gymnasium Mat

In a world where “pink is for girls and blue is for boys,” introducing gender-neutral toys into the mix can help kids to question traditional assumptions about their abilities. These gifts will inspire curiosity and encourage kids to think outside of the box, whether they’re building with magnetic tiles or baking in the kitchen.

Unlike a typical play mat, this one folds into a compact and portable cube that’s easy to clean. It also features a waterproof bottom that’s perfect for splashing around.

If you’re looking for a gift for the little ones on your list, this sensory toy will have them in hysterics. It comes with a bunch of tools and molds that create different shapes out of kinetic sand.

This classic toy gets a modern update in rainbow colors that can brighten up any room. It’s sure to inspire future surfers and skateboarders by helping them hone their balance skills.

4. Slinky

Gone are the days when we assumed every girl wanted a dollhouse or every boy loved cars. Instead, more and more parents are opting for toys that are gender-neutral to allow their kids the freedom to pursue whatever interests they may have. As a result, some larger companies are making an effort to reduce the overtly gendered nature of their toys.

Invented by accident in 1943, the iconic Slinky is a toy that relies on simple principles of geometry and gravity. Navy engineer Richard James was tinkering with precompressed helical springs to make a horsepower meter for ships when one day, a coil he had rejected fell and shimmied on the floor. After he told his wife about the discovery, she leafed through the dictionary and found “slinky,” which aptly describes the spring’s graceful movement.

Slinkys are fun for any age kid to play with, but they’re especially appealing for kids who love to challenge themselves. See if they can get a Slinky to walk down a flight of stairs, or see if they can break the world record for the longest distance a Slinky can travel while coiled up on the table.

5. Play Silks

Whether your child self-identifies as gender nonconforming or you simply want to raise them to be open minded and not shackled by traditional gender stereotypes, these toys are a great way to encourage this style of thinking. Unlike pink and blue toys that are typically aimed at girls or boys, these gifts are gender-neutral.

Dress-up is a great way for kids to express their imaginative thoughts and enhance adaptation and bonding skills. Sarah’s Silks play silks are perfect for this type of open-ended play and they’re an ideal gift for any kid who loves to pretend. She created the first Playsilk over 28 years ago and they’re a staple in many Waldorf and Montessori classrooms.

Arts and crafts are another great way for kids to learn and develop their fine motor skills. Despite the tendency of some companies to market their craft kits towards one or the other, these kits are actually gender neutral. They come with all the materials that kids need to create their masterpieces and can be used again and again. Another fun, colorful toy option is this ride-on bumble bee from ZUM. It’s made with non-toxic materials and a soft foam body that’s perfect for kids to sit on while they build and explore.

6. Geo Dome Climber

Kids will love climbing all over this Geo Dome Climber, which features a spherical structure with dozens of angled openings that can be used for handholds or footholds. The dome climber is made from roto-molded plastic and comes in many colors. It also makes a great addition to playgrounds.

Kids love to play pretend, especially with gender-neutral toys like the classic doctor kit, which allows them to treat their friends and stuffed animals without the worry of a character-specific diagnosis. They will also be thrilled with the simple toy of the Stomp Rocket, which turns an ordinary stomp into a burst of air that sends a foam rocket flying.

Climbing is an essential physical activity that promotes muscle development, hand grip strength and spatial awareness. This Lifetime dome climber is a fun way to keep kids entertained at home or on the playground, and it’s a perfect gift for children of all ages and abilities. It’s available in earth tones and has a 1-year limited warranty. The climber is designed for multiple children to use at once and it can be added to any outdoor playground with adequate surfacing material.

7. Outdoor Toys

Gender-neutral toys allow kids to discover their talents without restrictions based on their gender. Sensory toys like kinetic sand and stress balls foster unrestricted exploration, while hand puppets encourage inventive play and interpersonal communication. Imagination and discovery are stimulated by puzzles and games, while building skills are nurtured with blocks, puzzles, and magnetic tiles.

In an era where societal boundaries continue to break down, it’s important for parents and children to foster the freedom to explore their interests, break free of stereotypes and realize their full potential. The rise of gender-neutral gifts is a testament to the trend, with toys that don’t push pink princess gear on girls or firetruck-themed everything for boys.

Shop these budget-friendly options that will delight any child this holiday season. From a tegu stacking toy with dainty patterns and inviting colors to a modern play mat that grows with your child, these gifts are sure to please. Plus, they’ll help you cross off everyone on your shopping list!

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