A Brief Guide to Understanding the Benefits of Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a holistic system that heals your body without drugs. It focuses on total body wellness and treats the root cause of your symptoms. A chiropractor’s primary method of treatment is hands-on manipulations to realign your spine and joints. They also offer soft tissue techniques and recommend stretching or exercise to further alleviate pain, […]

Top 10 Travel Destinations in the UK

London: London will be the capital city of England and also the United Kingdom. It’s probably the most populous tourist destination in the United Kingdom and it is additionally the biggest town within the European Union. London is a top global community, among the world’s top financial towns and also is a realm cultural capital. […]

The importance of Election

Through history Kings, royal families, monarchies, dictators have ruled the world and laws were made based on their decision. Some Kings were generous and made sure that justice was delivered while others were cruel and plundered their people for their own benefits. But those days are gone, and we live in a democratic world where […]

5 Creative Leadership ideas

A company runs with the help of its resources. These resources work as a team to provide many out of the box solutions to various challenges that are faced in the business. These teams need to be guided and assisted properly in a way that they will work together and not end up having conflicts […]

Equal Treatment for Widows and Widowers

Dave Anderson MP continues his fight for equal treatment for widows and widowers under the Tax Credit system. Currently Widows Parents Allowance has to be declared when widows apply for Tax Credits whereas divorcees do not have to include any amount they receive in maintenance from a former partner. This inconsistency was brought to Dave’s […]

Campaign for an Extra Bank Holiday

Dave is backing the campaign that is pushing for an additional Bank Holiday for Britain’s workforce. Along with many MPs he has signed a Commons motion is support of this and there are petitions with a total so far of over one million signatures. Dave has always believed that one of the things that differentiates […]

Olympic Funding Fears

As it emerged that local Olympic celebrations will not receive financial support, Dave is hopeful that at least “match funding” may be obtained. Despite the North-East losing lottery money that has been diverted to the Olympics, it seems that the government is closing the door on local events getting any help. Dave said, “I think […]

Energy Price rises

Dave has called for protection of the vulnerable when faced with energy price rises. Industry experts are predicting large rises in gas and energy bills, perhaps as much as 40{6660d0b9db53a03acfe1836e8340508bfe218f9d673d3eeb722744312249a08f}, because of global shortages of oil, gas and coal. Dave said, “The government needs to reconsider how much financial help they are giving the country’s […]

Bell Pit Vandalism condemned

Dave has hit out at vandals who have little respect for the area’s history. A memorial at the site of old ‘bell pit’ workings in Lottie’s Wood, unveiled by Dave just last October, has been vandalised, with stones removed, the seating damaged and coal used as missiles. Dave said, “This is really sad news and […]

Quicker Action on Compensation

Dave is calling for the government to speed up its review of compensation for pleural plaque sufferers. He and other MPs have campaigned for a change since the House of Lords ruled that sufferers could not get compensation and the Justice Minister Bridget Prentice promised a twelve week review. Dave said, “Bridget said it would […]