Equal Treatment for Widows and Widowers

Dave Anderson MP continues his fight for equal treatment for widows and widowers under the Tax Credit system.

Currently Widows Parents Allowance has to be declared when widows apply for Tax Credits whereas divorcees do not have to include any amount they receive in maintenance from a former partner.

This inconsistency was brought to Dave’s attention by Janet Scott and Gordon Scott (not related) who both sadly lost their partners at an early age. Since then Dave has been fighting on their behalf in parliament and for the potentially thousands of widows across the country who could be affected by this discrepancy.

Dave said

“Earlier this year I arranged for Janet and Gordon to meet directly with Treasury Minister Jane Kennedy in Parliament. Jane was really concerned about the issue and anxious to help to look at ways to mitigate the different treatment that widows receive when applying for tax credits.”

“Widows and widowers often left vulnerable by the loss of a young one, particularly in Gordon and Janet’s case when it happened at such an early age and they are left with children to care for. I am eager to do all I can to ensure they can benefit from the Tax Credits system in the same way divorced parents can.”

Jane Kennedy has written to Dave Anderson MP offering her assurances that the Treasury will work with the Department of Work and Pensions to do all they can to resolve the issues on behalf of widows and widowers.

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