Campaign for an Extra Bank Holiday

Dave is backing the campaign that is pushing for an additional Bank Holiday for Britain’s workforce.

Along with many MPs he has signed a Commons motion is support of this and there are petitions with a total so far of over one million signatures.

Dave has always believed that one of the things that differentiates a worker from a slave is the right to paid holidays. He is pleased that the government has legislated in recent years to give workers the legal right to 4 weeks annual leave in addition to statutory bank holidays.

Up to date more than half a million people have so far signed up to Thomas Cook’s in-store petition and the same again have already signed up on-line on the 10 Downing Street website.

Dave is scornful of those who oppose the move, saying,

Business organisations claim it could cost them £6 billion, but these are the same people who argued that the National Minimum Wage would cost 1,000,000 jobs. As we all now know in practice this has not proved to be true.

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