The importance of Election

Through history Kings, royal families, monarchies, dictators have ruled the world and laws were made based on their decision. Some Kings were generous and made sure that justice was delivered while others were cruel and plundered their people for their own benefits. But those days are gone, and we live in a democratic world where the citizens are allowed to elect a person who will rule the nation. Elections are very much needed in a democratic government as it gives the citizens to vote its leader and they will be responsible for their performance in their office.

The following are some of the importance of election:

Choosing the leader:

Kings and royal families ruled many countries in the past, and if you are born in the royal family, you get to have certain privileges. The rules and regulations were also made by the Kings and his ministers and most of the times the people of the nation had no say in this. But times have gone by and people today have the opportunity to choose their leader, and the rules are made by the people who get selected as the leaders for various posts. The election provides the path to choose an effective leader to lead the nation.

Changing the leader:

If a King or a dictator was cruel, he could not be replaced as he was considered Royal and only his successors could take his place. But through elections, the people have the choice to change their leader if they feel that he/she did not do well in his office during their time. Elections happen at regular time intervals, and thus the people have the opportunity to choose their leaders during each election.

Involvement of public people:

Elections provide a way for public people to bring out new issues to the government. When elections are happening, the people can bring forth their concerns and issues to the people who are standing in the elections.

Forum to discuss public issues:

Elections are quite competitive, and this gives rise to the discussion of the common problems that are faced by the people of that locality. Many parties come together and think of solutions for the various concerns of people and promise the citizens that they will deliver those solutions if they are elected. The people have the rights to change their leaders again if they failed to keep up their promise in the next election.

Public connection with the ruling party:

Elections provide the people of the nation an opportunity to be involved with their government. The citizens feel connected to the ruling party, and they tend to adhere to all the rules that are made for the welfare of the people. Elections also reinforce the legitimacy and stability of the government, and it links the people of the country with each other.

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