Dave's News Extras 2009

28/12/09 MPs to meet PM on pleural plaques
18/12/09 Lower electricity bills for region urged
04/12/09 No legal bar to plaque payments bill
18/11/09 Pleural battle goes on
18/11/09 John McWilliam
06/11/09 North-East misses out to 'privileged clique'
30/10/09 Dave's help for families
29/10/09 Blaydon West Primary School
22/10/09 Pressure on Plaques
21/10/09 Community Hero David meets the PM
20/10/09 Forthcoming FACT Functions
20/10/09 Community Surgery
16/10/09 Commons backing for Sophie
15/10/09 Campaign praises Dave's 'moving story'
15/10/09 Pleural plaque vote vital
14/10/09 Broon leaving the Toon
14/10/09 Whickham Centenary
29/09/09 Action for asbestos victims
07/09/09 Coals to Newcastle
04/09/09 Nexus facelift for Blaydon bus station completed
03/09/09 Hub of the community
02/09/09 Backing a Transaction Levy
04/08/09 Leaf coming north?
01/08/09 Laundry job fears
17/07/09 Call for Free Smart Meters
02/07/09 Pleural Plaque Victims still waiting
25/06/09 Greenside school centenary marked in Parliament and in Blaydon
23/06/09 Charge ahead with electric vehicles
15/06/09 Getting Jobs for Dairy Workers
12/06/09 Backing for Great North Revolution
09/06/09 Washing dirty linen - in Leicester
02/06/09 Apprenticeships keep training alive
14/05/09 Unions and Education
13/05/09 Backing Bercow?
06/05/09 Keeping Royal Mail public
02/05/09 'Ask us' says Dave
30/04/09 Just Visiting
29/04/09 Dave at Carers' Forum
29/04/09 Currency Transaction Levy
24/04/09 Welcome for Carbon Capture
22/04/09 Budget: Government can't sit back
10/04/09 Tough Egg to crack
02/04/09 MP steps up fight to save jobs at laundry
24/03/09 Laundry to be cleaned 200 miles away
14/03/09 Over 200 North pubs gone
11/03/09 Condemning the RealIRA
06/03/09 No regrets?
03/03/09 Iraq wants to catch up
02/03/09 We need Coal
27/02/09 MP wants to meet Mandelson over Mail
23/02/09 MP visits students studying English as a foreign language
23/02/09 Gaps in Baby Hip treatment
15/02/09 ĎMy glass is half fullí
07/02/09 Think North East First
06/02/09 Fuel from Cooking Oil
22/01/09 Farewell Peter Young
21/01/09 We must have viable Car Industry: Dave
12/01/09 Let Rock Lend
05/01/09 Dave to chair new Coal Group
03/01/09 Action on Pubs needed

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MPs to meet PM on pleural plaques

28 Dec 2009

Dave will be meeting the Prime Minister on 5th January, along with other campaigning MPs, to discuss pleural plaque compensation.

Plans have been put forward to help those denied compensation by the Law Lords over two years ago but government backing has so far not been forthcoming.

Dave said,

"We want a New Year's present from Gordon Brown. From the first day of the New Year we will be knocking on his door.

"The work done by MPs campaigning for this has borne fruit and we have a solution we believe is both workable and affordable. It puts the clock back to before the 2007 Law Lords ruling and it gives the right to compensation to those who are entitled to it,"

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Lower electricity bills for region urged

Electricity Bill 18 Dec 2009

Dave is advocating lower electricity bill sin the North-East in exchange for allowing more wind farms.

This comes as the North East Select Committee's report is published in which MPs examined the prospects for industry and innovation in the region.

Dave, who is member of the committee, said,

"We have seen this work elsewhere in Europe and I know some companies here are interested, because it is obvious we need to do more to change the approach to these.

"In the North East the manufacturing sector is increasingly made up of smaller specialist firms which need just a little more help to really lead the way.

"The risk here is, if we do nothing, we are up against the might of countries such as China, who will take those jobs if we don't use the people we have and help them make the most of this chance.

"To often we come up with good ideas in Britain, especially in the North-East at places like Newcastle Science City, but they end up getting developed abroad. This will get worse unless such places are offered a little more help."

Dave's contributions in the sessions of the committee can be read here.

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No legal bar to plaque payments bill

4 Dec 2009

Dave is seeking a meeting with the Prime Minister over pleural plaques.

Fears that a law overturning a Law Lords' ban on payments could lead to a rush of other claims have now been dismissed by government lawyers.

Dave said,

"It needs political direction now. We didn't see any real legal problems."

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Pleural battle goes on

18 Nov 2009

Dave has vowed to keep fighting for compensation for pleural plaque sufferers.

The asbestos relate disease affects hundreds in the region, a terrible legacy of the industrial past. But a plan to overturn a Lords' ruling of 2007 which denied victims compensation, has hit the buffers.

A bill that would have brought justice to victims ran out of time before the end of the Parliamentary session, and the Queen's Speech made no mention of it.

Dave said,

"We knew that plaques wouldn't be in the Queen's speech. We are working together to find a mechanism to get this through."

The coming election means that this next session will be short, and time for the bill is unlikely to be found. Dave is working hard to find a way to get the asbestos victims the justice they deserve.

Dave has launched a petition in support of those damaged by asbestos. A Law Lords ruling has denied many victims compensation for disease caused by exposure to asbestos at work, and Dave has been campaigning to get this overturned.

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John McWilliam

18 Nov 2009

Dave has paid tribute to John McWilliam who has died aged 68.

Mr McWilliam served as MP for Blaydon from 1979 to 2005 when Dave succeeded him.

Dave said,

"He was very respected for the work he did for the Labour party and his constituency. He was someone who treated people properly."

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North-East misses out to 'privileged clique'

6 Nov 2009

Dave, who also sits on the Commons Energy Committee, has blamed a 'privileged clique' for depriving the region of millions in energy research grants.

In a session of the North East Regional Committee in Parliament, MPs were told that a London centric 'old school tie' network was basing work in the south instead of at the world leading New and Renewable Energy Centre (Narec) in Blyth.

Dave said,

"Our committee was told quite clearly that because we are in the North East we have missed out. I've raised this with the regional minister and with the Department of Business Innovation and Skills.

"The Department has said there is sufficient funding here. But we have seen evidence that shows not a geographical problem but a sort of privileged clique that is causing an imbalance.

"We know Narec is putting together excellent bids and now we have heard that the reason they are getting turned down is because of this golden triangle approach. It's funding decisions based not on how good your bid is but on your old school tie and what posh background you come from. It can't be right that we are being knocked back for investment just because we are not in the loop."

Report on Select Committee


Dave's help for families

Dave with families in Blaydon 30 Oct 2009

Dave has produced a leaflet for all families in the Blaydon constituency.

It lists the help and financial support available to families, such as child benefits, tax credits, maternity grants, child trust funds, housing and council tax benefits, NHS costs, parental leave and help for students.

Dave wants to ensure that all people in the constituency, especially families, are aware of what help is there for them.

Dave said,

"I have produced this guide and wish to encourage everyone to access the services available to them. If you have any problems and need further help, please do not hesitate to contact my office."

You can download Dave's leaflet in PDF format (637K) here.

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Blaydon West Primary School

29 Oct 2009

Dave has tabled a Commons motion marking the centenary of Blaydon West Primary School.

Dave's Early Day Motion reads:

EDM 2195
Anderson, David
That this House joins Blaydon West Primary School in marking its centenary; recognises the dedication and commitment of pupils, staff, parents and governors, including Head Teacher Paula Bailey and her colleagues; welcomes the school's achievements, including many prominent awards; notes that the centenary celebrations include a community Edwardian Fayre with singing and dancing across the decades as well as a Geordie evening; acknowledges the school's involvement in several community-based initiatives; urges them to continue to develop their links with Hernan Cortes Primary School in Talavera, Spain; and wishes the children of Blaydon all the best for the future.

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Pressure on Plaques

22 Oct 2009

Dave has had a meeting with the Prime Minister to press the case for urgent action on pleural plaques.

A measure to allow compensation, overturning a 2007 Law Lords ruling, was passed by the Commons last week, but parliamentary time is running out.

Gordon Brown is asking for clarification of the medical evidence concerning the plaques, which are linked to working with asbestos.

Dave said,

"Stephen Hepburn and I along with John Cummings demanded action to ensure that no obstacles are put in the way as the Bill goes through the Lords.

"Gordon Brown raised concerns regarding conflicting medical evidence and the need to look after pleural plaques sufferers properly. He also said he is determined to do more for mesothelioma sufferers."

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Community Hero David meets the PM

David and his wife with the Prime Minister, his wife and Dave.
David and his wife with the Prime Minister, his wife and Dave.
21 Oct 2009

Dave Anderson MP was able to celebrate the success of one of our local community heroes last week when David Johnson and his wife Gillian attended a reception at 10 Downing Street.

David is the Manager of the Rowlands Gill and District Live at home scheme and has had particular success in running the men's group providing a range of fun activities for older men. They were recently visited by Minister Angela Eagle who praised their innovation.

David is also actively involved with the community activities at his local church and is on the management committee at Highfield Community Centre.

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Forthcoming FACT Functions

20 Oct 2009

The FACT campaign - Fighting All Cancers....Together! - is holding a number of local functions.

Halloween will be celebrated in Sunniside, ladies pampered at Team Valley, Annfield Plain will host a Christmas party and a formal dinner will be held in Gateshead.

The details of these events are:

For Tickets & Information Please Call 0191 4420833

Family Halloween Party
Marquis Of Granby, Sunniside
Only £5 Per Person
Kids Fancy Dress Competition
Party Fun & Games
Includes Pie & Peas For Adults, Chicken Nuggets & A Drink For Children
Tuesday 27th October 6.30pm - 9.00pm

Ladies Pamper Evening
Fx Leisure Team Valley Gateshead
Includes Use Of Pool And Spa
Holistic & Complimentary Treatments & Nail Painting
Buffet & Refreshments
Only £12.50 Per Person
Saturday 21st November 7-10pm

Children's Christmas Party
Only £5 Per Person
Includes Pie & Peas For Adults
Choice Of Chicken Nuggets, Hot Dog Or Fish Fingers & Chips For Children
Each Child Sees Santa & Receives A Gift
Exclusive Use Of Venue Facilities
Krazy Kingdom, Annfield Plain
Sunday 29th November 3.30pm - 6.30pm

Anniversary Black Tie Dinner
Saturday 27th February 2010
6pm Until 1am
Marriott Hotel, Gateshead
Drinks Reception, 4 Course Meal
Live Band, Disco
Only £35 Per Person

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Community Surgery

Dave at the surgery with George Baker of Whickham who attended.
Dave at the surgery with George Baker of Whickham who attended.
20 Oct 2009

On Saturday 17th October Dave Anderson MP held a community surgery at the Rectory Hall Church Chare Whickham.

This Saturday 24th October he will be holding a Community Surgery at the Sun Hill Aged Persons Home Sunniside.

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Commons backing for Sophie

16 Oct 2009

Dave has tabled a parliamentary motion drawing attention to the plight of little Sophie Atay.

The two year old has an aggressive form of cancer, neuroblastoma, but the best chance of survival in treatment in the United States. Dave draws attention to the efforts of students at Whickham School who are fund raising for Sophie.

Dave's Early Day Motion reads:

EDM 2068
Anderson, David
That this House supports Whickham School's 2009 annual charity week, led by co-chairs Jess Emmerson and Sarah Bilton and vice-chairs Lucy Zwolinska and Andrew Gallagher which aims to raise money for the Sophie Atay Appeal; notes that two year old Sophie has been diagnosed at a high risk stage of a rare and aggressive form of cancer called Neuroblastoma; further notes that this cancer has survival rates as low as 20 per cent.; that her family have found a hospital in New York where the chances of survival could soar to between 80 and 90 per cent.; applauds the students' initiative in devising a wide variety of fundraising ideas including a Sing for Sophie battle of the bands, tuck shops, car washes, t-shirt sales, a curry night and an X-Factor style competition running with special guest Big Brother's Charlie Drummond judging the final; and wishes all those involved great success in raising money for this vital cause.

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Campaign praises Dave's 'moving story'

15 Oct 2009

The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign has praised what it calls a 'moving account of muscular dystrophy in his family'.

The item which was in the Mail on Sunday is described by the Campaign of a frank account in which he speaks openly about his own and his family's difficult experiences. He also describes how he has become involved in the fight to improve services through his work in Parliament, highlighting the Walton Report's findings published in August by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Muscular Dystrophy.

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Pleural plaque vote vital

15 Oct 2009

Dave is urging his northern colleagues to vote in the Commons on Friday.

A private members bill tabled by Andrew Dismore MP aims to bring about a change in the law so that sufferers can receive compensation for asbestos diseases caused in their former workplace.

Dave, speaking to the local press, said,

"I would urge any Chronicle readers who care about bringing justice to pleural plaques sufferers to contact their MP today and ask them if they will be joining this fight. If we can win this part we can go to the Government and say look what we have done, now act on this.

"It's not the winning move but it is a huge step forward and we do not want to see that chance lost because we did not have enough people there to push this through. And it all comes down to what numbers we have on Friday."

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Broon leaving the Toon

Newcastle Borwn Ale 14 Oct 2009

Dave has called for consultations to see if Newcastle Brown Ale can stay on Tyneside.

Scottish & Newcastle are moving production of the iconic ale from Gateshead to Yorkshire, but Dave says that the impact of this decision has not been discussed with the workforce or local stakeholders.

Dave said,

"This has come like a bolt from the blue. No consultation has taken place with workforce or with regional nor local agencies to discuss the impact of this decision.

"This is totally unacceptable. They should sit down with unions, ONE North East and council to see if there is an alternative to closure. I will make myself available and will encourage ministers to help where possible."

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Whickham Centenary

Children from Whickham Front Street Primary School helping in Northumbria in Bloom last year
Children from Whickham Front Street Primary School helping in Northumbria in Bloom last year
(Photo: Gateshead Council)
14 Oct 2009

Dave has tabled a Commons motion congratulating Whickham Front Street Primary School on its centenary.

He acknowledges the hard work and commitment of pupils, staff, parents and governors over the last 100 years and highlights some of the school's achievements.

Dave's Early Day Motion reads:

EDM 2020
Anderson, David
That this House congratulates Whickham Front Street Primary School in Blaydon constituency on celebrating its centenary year; acknowledges the hard work and commitment of pupils, staff, parents and governors over the last 100 years; commends Head Teacher Paul Sergison and all of his team; records the schools achievements, including the basketball team winning the national championships; praises the wide range of centenary celebrations, including traditional `Geordie' singing and clog dancing, and the designing of a mural; further acknowledges the wide range of community-based initiatives that the school is engaged in; encourages them further to develop their international links with the Nomi Elementary School in the Japanese city of Komatsu; and hopes the young people in Whickham will succeed for generations to come.

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Action for asbestos victims

Pleural Plaques, asbestos damage 29 Sep 2009

Dave has had a meeting with Tony Woodley of the Unite Union to press the case for asbestos pleural plaque victims.

They want the government to speed up the process of getting compensation, fearing the delay will mean more sufferers will have died by the time the matter is settled.

Dave said,

"The delay has been too long and these people deserve justice. These people were poisoned by their employers who knew what they were asking their staff to do and yet now they are doing everything they can to prevent these people getting the compensation they deserve."

He said compensation would be "almost impossible if the Conservatives take over". He will be leading a Commons lobby group on October 28th. The Scottish government changed the law there to allow compensation and the pressure is now on Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary to do the same.

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Coals to Newcastle

Dave is presented with lifetime membership of Sunniside Local History Group byColin Douglas
Dave is presented with lifetime membership of Sunniside Local History Group by Colin Douglas.
7 Sep 2009

On Friday 4th September Dave Anderson MP attended the formal launch of 'Like Carrying Coals To Newcastle, the Story of the Tanfield Way' with an accompanying 50 minutes long DVD, 'Pontop Pike to the Tyne and the Colliery Villages Along the Way'.

The launch was held at Beamish Resource Centre with special Guest Nick Brown, Minister for the North. Nick welcomed the book and spoke about the important work the group is doing preserving the local history of working people and the impact of coal on our communities history.

The foreword for the book was written by Dave Anderson MP. He said,

"The history of coal is intrinsically linked with the history of this region and our people. The Sunniside Local History Group has done an amazing job in providing a comprehensive history of the railway and capturing the human effort in this local story. It was a real privilege to be asked to write the foreword to the book."

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Nexus facelift for Blaydon bus station completed

Cllr Kathryn Ferdinand, Cllr Malcolm Brain, Bernard Garner and Dave
Cllr Kathryn Ferdinand, Cllr Malcolm Brain, Bernard Garner and Dave
4 Sep 2009

Local MP Dave Anderson has welcomed a £95,000 facelift by Nexus which has made Blaydon Bus Station a brighter, better place.

New shelters, information boards and pedestrian fences have been fitted at the busy interchange, which is used by up to 20 buses an hour between Blaydon and Newcastle alone at peak times.

The shelters have been fitted with low-energy LED lighting to create brighter and more passenger-friendly places to wait.

Dave Anderson, the MP for Blaydon, joined local councillors and Nexus Director General Bernard Garner to see the better bus station for himself.

Mr Anderson said:

"I think the new bus station is an asset for Blaydon and a great public investment for the whole area.

"Passengers using the station have already praised the new shelters and the better quality of lighting in the evening which confirms improvements such as this really matter to people."

Mr Garner said:

"Blaydon now has a brighter and better bus station, in response to requests from passengers who use the facility.

"Better lighting and CCTV along with new shelters meets aims set out in the Nexus Bus Strategy to make passengers feel safer ad more comfortable when waiting for a bus."

The interchange, used by hundreds of thousands of passengers every year, is right next to Blaydon shopping centre.

It is a busy change point for the many bus routes serving communities in west Gateshead and the lower Tyne Valley.

Up to 20 buses an hour connect Blaydon with Newcastle City Centre during peak hours - including Go North East's flagship 10 service with air-conditioned low-emission Mercedes vehicles

There are also frequent buses to MetroCentre and Gateshead town centre, Ryton, Crawcrook, Greenside, Winlaton, Prudhoe and beyond.

This year Blaydon had grown in popularity as a park-and-ride site as commuters turn to bus to avoid the worst traffic jams around road works on the Redheugh Bridge.

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Hub of the community

Dave with the Mayor and committee member Steve Anderson at the opening
Dave with the Mayor and committee member Steve Anderson at the opening
3 Sep 2009

A new building designed to serve as the centre of a community is preparing to open its doors.

The old library on Birtley's Durham Road has undergone a massive transformation to turn it into the Birtley Community Hub, a new resource centre for the whole community.

On Friday local MP Dave Anderson officially opened the centre with Gateshead Mayor, Coun John Eagle. Local families will be able to access a wide range of services, including an information resource centre, meeting rooms, An ICT training suite, and a community cafe. Funding for the Hub has come from a £166,755 award from the Government's £30m Community Assets programme.

Of the 38 projects across England shortlisted for funding, Birtley Community Hub is the first to open its doors to the local community.

Ian Caddy, Birtley Community Hub project leader said:

"This could not have come at a better time for Birtley - we will be able to deliver help, support and hope not only to the local community and businesses but also to the surrounding area."

Dave Anderson said:

"This is a great asset for Birtley and I hope it will be well used. I also invited the UK Representative of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region to pop up to see it for herself. She is a valued colleague and from my own visits to Iraqi Kurdistan I know that they are always looking for ways to learn from the international community in rebuilding their region after so many terrible years of dictatorship and war."

The UK High Representative of the Kurdistan Region, Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, added:

"We are developing Iraq and Kurdistan's economy and rebuilding our community bonds. What we've seen in Birtley is an example for us of how people can come together and bring about something positive to serve them. It's a lesson we can take back to our country."

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Backing a Transaction Levy

2 Sep 2009

Dave has written to The Guardian in support of a currency transaction levy.

In April, he tabled an Early Day Motion in the Commons calling for such a tax to help tackle global poverty. He says a small levy would not affect the currency markets but would raise billions of dollars.

His letter reads as follows:

David Lowry (Letters, 1 September) rightly points out that the Tobin tax [Currency Transaction Levy] has been raised in parliament for some years. Using theyworkforyou.com, I have tracked it back to 1995. The latest sighting was a motion I tabled in April, which has so far the support of 45 MPs from the three main parties and two smaller ones. I collaborated with the Stamp Out Poverty coalition on this and the text represents the newest and briefest case for a currency transaction levy.

The early day motion "notes that the global financial crisis has made meeting the millennium development goals by 2015 significantly more difficult and requires a substantial new source of revenue ... believes that it is an anomaly that currency transactions are exempt from taxation since all other parts of the financial market have attracted transaction duties in recent years; [and] endorses the proposal for a currency transaction levy at a rate of 0.005%, which is high enough to yield potential revenue of about $33bn a year, but too small to alter market decisions.

The Guardian has often covered the issue, but it's been less so elsewhere in the media. The important issue now is to encourage MPs to support the motion and to refresh the campaign for a global tax that could help reduce poverty.

Dave Anderson MP

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Leaf coming north?

Nissan Leaf
Nissan Leaf
4 Aug 2009

Amid further rumours that Nissan will build their new electric car in Sunderland, Dave has called for more infrastructure work.

He says this is needed, such as a network of suitable charging points, to ensure that the North-East is used as a trial region for the cars.

Dave said,

"The job now is to make sure we have the infrastructure to say you can use the North East as a trial region. The range on these cars is about 100 miles at the moment, but I know of two North East companies that are working on doubling that. What we will prove by putting charging points across the city is that if you want to you can charge the car when you pop out to the library or swimming, or show that if you take a trip from say Newcastle to Middlesbrough, you know there will be easy to find charging points.

"I'm confident we are doing enough to convince Nissan there is a future for vehicle production in the region."

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Laundry job fears

1 Aug 2009

Dave says that once a private company has a monopoly of hospital laundry, the prices will go up.

This follows the decision by Newcastle NHS Foundation Trust to end its laundry contract with Gateshead and send its dirty linen on a 400 mile round trip to Leicester and back.

This puts the future of the Tyneside Laundry Partnership and its 74 jobs at serious risk, Attempts to find a new partner for the laundry at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead have failed.

Dave said,

"My worry is that we are going to be put in a situation where the laundry from all our health trusts is going to be cleaned by a private company and as a result of them having the monopoly their prices will go up.

"We need to make sure people who work at the service are redeployed and retrained."

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Call for Free Smart Meters

Smart Meters 17 Jul 2009

Dave has tabled a Parliamentary motion calling for smart meters in all homes.

He also wants the big energy companies to follow the example of some smaller ones, such as First Utility, to install these at no extra cost to consumers, and calls for government backing for this.

Dave's full early day Motion reads:

EDM 1850
Anderson, David
That this House welcomes the announcement by the Government to equip all homes with smart meters by 2020; notes that smart meters will be a significant step forward in reducing the UK's energy use and that smart meters will greatly benefit the fuel poor; further notes that smart meters will create significant recurring savings for the utility companies that far exceed the cost of installation and operation of smart meters through ending the need to dispatch meter readers and estimate bills, whilst reducing significantly the call centre requirements and providing better load management through smart grid applications; and therefore calls on the Government to ensure that the big six energy companies, British Gas, Eon, EDF, Scottish Power, Scottish and Southern and npower are unable to pass on any additional cost for the installation and ongoing running of smart meters to the consumer over and above what is already charged in the standing charge for basic metering, thereby requiring those companies to behave like smaller energy providers such as First Utility, who provide smart meters to their customers free of charge.

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Pleural Plaque Victims still waiting

2 Jul 2009

Dave has called for an early decision on compensation for pleural plaque victims.

The Law Lords' ruling in 2007 denied victims the right to claim and Dave has been vocal in a campaign to restore that right.

Justice Secretary Jack Straw's position is uncertain, but the Prime Minister is believed to be in favour. Some want a decision before Parliament's summer recess, but that is by no means certain.

Dave said,

"It is simply not good enough. We need an answer. We need to act as quickly as possible."

See Commons debate 1 Jul 2009

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Greenside school centenary marked in Parliament and in Blaydon

25 Jun 2009

A House of Commons Motion congratulating Greenside Primary School in Blaydon on its centenary this year will be formally presented to the school at its centenary celebrations on Friday 26th June at 1:30pm.

Dave Anderson, who tabled the parliamentary motion, said:

"This is a good way of recognising the hard work and commitment of pupils, staff, parents and governors over the last 100 years. My motion also commends the school's progress under the leadership of Headteacher Dawn Foster and the hard work of governors, pupils and staff. It's right and proper that Parliament is made aware of such vital efforts for the benefit of society as a whole. I hope that the school will thrive for young people in Greenside for generations to come."

The Early Day Motion reads:

EDM 1710
Anderson, David
That this House congratulates Greenside Primary School in Blaydon constituency on celebrating its centenary this year; acknowledges the hard work and commitment of pupils, staff, parents and governors over the last 100 years; commends the school's progress under the leadership of head teacher Dawn Foster and the hard work of governors, pupils and staff; records the school's celebration events throughout the month of June including a balloon launch, a birthday cake, a family visit to Beamish museum, a centenary show, a garden party and a school fair; and hopes the school will thrive for young people in Greenside for generations to come.

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Charge ahead with electric vehicles

23 Jun 2009

Dave is urging the infrastructure of electric vehicles be put in place.

Although it may be some time before electric vehicles are produced in the North-East, such as at Nissan, he says we need a network of charging points so that people can start buying these cars now.

Dave said,

"The electric vehicle industry will be huge and we cannot be left behind. I have met with people from the industry who say we are up against Spain and Portugal. And while we may not get this production in the first two years, we are strongly placed to eventually see production in Sunderland. Until then, we can concentrate on efforts to see us lead the world on introducing charging points, meaning there is nothing to stop people buying these cars."

A regional consortium has been set up to promote the role of the region in new vehicle technology.

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Getting Jobs for Dairy Workers

Blaydon Dairy 15 Jun 2009

Dave has been working on behalf of the Blaydon Dairy workers.

He has been holding talks with local businesses to see how many of the redundant workers can be taken on by local firms.

Dave said,

"There are some people who are trying to create jobs and freezing their recruitment drives to select directly from those who have lost their jobs. So there is support coming from local businesses who are trying to intervene.

"But everyone is gutted. We came so close to saving the company and everybody believed there was a good chance and then to be told it wasn't going to happen was devastating."

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Backing for Great North Revolution

12 Jun 2009

Dave is giving his support to The Journal's Great North Revolution Campaign.

The aim is to stimulate the region's economy with new technologies, making use of the skills and resources available in the North-East.

Dave said

"I am definitely on the same page as the Journal campaign and have been pushing many of the same issues in Parliament and in columns in this newspaper.

"I was very pleased to see the launch of the campaign and immediately thought it was right to table a Commons motion in order to build up awareness on all sides of the House and from all regions that the North East is very much in business and at the cutting edge of change."

The Early Day Motion reads:

EDM 1637
Anderson, David
That this House warmly endorses the Newcastle Journal's launch of its great North Revolution campaign, a major drive to stimulate the development of an economy truly fit for the 21st century and beyond, agrees that the North East is poised to spearhead a second industrial revolution that builds on its industrial heritage and skilled workforce and which will shape the region's economic and social development for generations to come in fields such as energy, electric vehicles and life sciences; believes that trade unions and business groups in the region have major policy and other contributions to make; and urges Government support for this important initiative.

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Washing dirty linen - in Leicester

9 Jun 2009

Dave met today with Health Minister Ann Keen about the hospital laundry services on Tyneside.

Newcastle Hospitals have withdrawn their contract for laundry at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Gateshead and have given the work to Sunlight Services Limited in Leicester, involving laundry being driven hundreds of miles. Dave says local jobs and services should come first.

Dave said,

"I have seen staff, union and managers at the QE and they cannot understand how the service could cost nearly a million pounds less a year without slashing standards and wages. We need to be crystal clear about protecting good, local services and jobs. We will be calling on the minister to intervene in order to clarify the claims made by Newcastle Hospitals that the QE has a 'mark up' of up to 35%, although professionals at the QE claim the actual differentiation in costs equates to less than 1%.

"I also share the great concern that Newcastle has expressed its dissatisfaction with QE's ability to deliver the highest level of product standards - something that is vigorously denied and an issue not raised previously."

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Apprenticeships keep training alive

2 Jun 2009

Dave has tabled a Parliamentary motion in support of apprenticeships.

It praises the Cross-Industry Construction Apprenticeship Task Force and its work in keeping skills alive in the recession and its potential to change the lives of young people.

Dave said,

"Apprenticeships can change the lives of young people, giving them access to careers in construction when other industries are declining.

"As a former apprentice, I know how important these qualifications are, and support the work the Cross- Industry Construction Apprenticeship Taskforce is doing, not only to keep training alive during this recession, but also to give them a real boost that should be sustained going forward."

The Early Day Motion reads:

EDM 1578
Anderson, David
That this House supports the work of the Cross-Industry Construction Apprenticeship Task Force (CCATF); further supports its aim to reinvigorate the culture and ethos of training in the construction industry; accepts the intrinsic value of apprenticeships to young people and to the construction industry; notes the imminent skills shortage affecting the construction industry; recognises that there are currently over 3,000 displaced apprentices in the United Kingdom; further recognises the work of the CCATF in bringing industry together to effect a solution to the current crisis; and calls on the Government to help create an environment conducive to the success of apprenticeships in the construction industry.

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Unions and Education

Dave at the event.
Dave at the event.
14 May 2009

Dave attended a The Learning@Work Day at Gateshead Civic Centre.

There are now over twenty ULRs at Gateshead Council to support employees, and The Park Road Learning Centre has been used by employees since 2207. In that time over 600 employees have enjoyed the use of this facility, taking diverse courses such as; Holiday Spanish to embarking on Foundation Degree courses.

At the event Dave remarked that,

"Working in partnership with Trade Unions on projects such as this demonstrates that we have a common goal, which the whole workforce can work contribute towards, and feel a real sense of achievement both personally and collectively.

"There continues to be a growing recognition for the contribution trade unions make across a range of skills areas, from skills for life to higher level skills. A Union Learning representative's role is to empower workers to increase their skills level or to encourage learners into higher level courses via Unionlearn and Open University initiative so that they are able to move up the career ladder."

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Backing Bercow?

13 May 2009

Dave has said that he would back Tory MP John Bercow for Speaker.

But he also said that Sir Alan Beith, Lib Dem MP for Berwick, would be a good choice.

Dave said,

"If it is an open contest, I would go for John Bercow, but Alan would do a decent job. He has got a lot of respect and people think he is a genuine Liberal. I think Alan would be a good choice."

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Keeping Royal Mail public

6 May 2009 Royal Mail (Cristiano Betta)

Dave is one of many MPs opposed to the plans to sell off part of Royal Mail.

The government wants to part privatise Royal Main, but over 160 MPs, including Dave, have signed a Commons motion calling for a rethink.

Dave said,

"There is a long way to go and lots of discussion is going to be had over the next period and hopefully we can reach a position that we can all be happy with."

"I am aware of much discontent among Labour MPs who have not signed the Early Day Motion and the government needs to learn from recent lessons."

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'Ask us' says Dave

2 May 2009

Dave has said the government should listen more to its backbenchers.

Following a week in which the Prime Minister's plans for MPs' expenses were overturned, along with defeat on residency rights for Gurkhas, Dave has urged the government to listen.

Dave said,

"It has been a bad week across the board and I hope people have learned lessons, everybody in the party, certainly in the leadership. I suggest they should look for their political advice from their own backbench colleagues first. Come to us first, between us we have got huge political experience."

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Just Visiting

30 Apr 2009

Dave has welcomed the introduction of a new website to help friend and relatives of hospital patients.

He has tabled a Parliamentary motion which notes that it is a completely secure, confidential, easy to use and easily accessible website and congratulates Gateshead Council and the local NHS Trust for their support of this innovative idea.

The text of the motion is:

EDM 1400
Anderson, David
That this House warmly welcomes the establishment of JustVisiting.com, a not-for-profit company which aims to celebrate and support patient care and develop an online community to unite friends and families when a relative is in hospital; notes that it is a completely secure, confidential, easy to use and easily accessible website; further notes that it has the support as patrons of author Bill Bryson and former Chief Medical Officer and Chair of the National Cancer Research Institute, Professor Sir Kenneth Calman; and congratulates Gateshead Council and the local NHS Trust for their support of this innovative idea.

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Dave at Carers' Forum

Dave at the Carers' Forum
Dave at the Carers' Forum
29 April 2009

Dave, along with other local MPs, attended a Carers Forum.

The event was hailed as a success, with carers who attended being particularly pleased to be able to get their point across.

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Currency Transaction Levy

29 Apr 2009

Dave has tabled a Commons motion advocating a small rate of tax on foreign exchange transactions.

He wants the UK to back the idea at the forthcoming G8 Summit in Italy. He says it could raise $33 billion a year for a rate of only 0.005%

The full Early Day Motion reads:

EDM 1396
Anderson, David
That this House notes that the global financial crisis has made meeting the Millennium Development Goals by 2015 significantly more difficult and requires a substantial new source of revenue; further notes that recent moves to end the secrecy of tax havens signals a willingness to redraw rules in the financial world; recognises that the foreign exchange market has continued to grow and that market volume now exceeds $1,000 trillion a year; believes that it is an anomaly that currency transactions are exempt from taxation since all other parts of the financial market have attracted transaction duties in recent years; endorses the proposal for a currency transaction levy at a rate of 0.005 per cent., which is high enough to yield potential revenue of about $33 billion a year but too small to alter market decisions; further believes that this measure affords little scope for avoidance since this market is fully electronic, and collection automatic; recognises that a precedent for a currency transaction levy has been set by the UNITAID international drug purchase facility, which is mainly funded by aviation levies that are collected nationally and pooled internationally; and strongly recommends that the Government supports consideration of a currency transaction levy at the forthcoming G8 Summit in Italy where large-scale financing instruments will be discussed under the auspices of the International Health Partnership.

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Welcome for Carbon Capture

24 Apr 2009

Dave has welcomed the government's announcement that new clean coal power stations are to be built.

He says he believes that we now have the technology to burn coal cleanly, and he also thinks that we could burn the coal still buried beneath our feet in this region.

Dave said,

"The question we should be asking now is, if we are convinced, and I am, that coal power stations can be used in an environmentally sound way, then where do we get that coal from? I think there is still a future for the coal we have buried in the North East. Certainly nothing has been said to rule that out."

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Budget: Government can't sit back

22 Apr 2009

Dave has said that the Chancellor was right to borrow to help Britain out of the recession.

He also said that if the price of that was that those earning the most paid a bit more tax, then so be it.

Dave said,

"There is a reality here that we are in the biggest global downturn in the last half century and it is right that we borrow to help us out of that. We cannot do what previous Governments did in the last two recessions and just sit back, we have to act to help us out of this recession and if part of that is a tax increase for those earning the most then so be it."

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Tough Egg to crack

Dave Anderson judging the eggs
Dave Anderson judging the eggs, also Helen Hughes, Caseworker for dave
10 Apr 2009

Dave Anderson MP was invited to judge the Easter Egg and Easter Bonnet competition held in Greenside Club on Good Friday.

The competition was tough but Dave managed to chose three eggcellent winners in both competitions. Over 100 people attended the event and well done to the organisers who put on a great activity packed day.

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MP steps up fight to save jobs at laundry

2 Apr 2009

MP Dave Anderson has vowed take Tyneside's hospital laundry row all the way to the top.

The Blaydon MP is worried about job losses after Newcastle Hospitals withdrew its contract to wash its dirty laundry at Gateshead's Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Instead the washing will be ferried up and down the motorway to Leicester on a round trip of almost 400 miles, which Newcastle NHS Foundation Trust say will save £1m a year.

Mr Anderson said:

"I have visited the QE laundry and met with staff, unions and also managers of the laundry and the chief executive.

"They feel absolutely gutted that Newcastle is saying that one of the reasons they are leaving the partnership is down to quality.

"The laundry is examined by external people and they have never raised any problems whatsoever.

"So there are some questions to be asked.

"Also the management, who have been in the game for a long time, cannot see how Newcastle can make anything like the savings which they say they can make. "So there are some serious issues here and I will certainly be pushing this with the Secretary of State for Health and writing direct to the chief executive at Newcastle to try to get a meeting with him."

Newcastle has had its washing done at Gateshead for the past eight years with three other trusts.

It has emerged that Gateshead hospitals had withdrawn its own contract with Newcastle hospitals to provide ear, nose and throat services.

But hospital bosses denied they were involved in a tit-for-tat withdrawal. Mr Anderson is also concerned at the environmental costs of moving the contract to Leicester.

And he wants to make sure that the new contractors, Sunlight Services, can deliver on the costs they have quoted.

Newcastle health chiefs say they can satisfy their requirements "without compromise" and at a significant saving which shall be put towards better patient care and treatments.

Gateshead has refuted their claims on quality.

A spokesman said the laundry provides "a consistently high standard as well as being competitively priced".

Evening Chronicle

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Laundry to be cleaned 200 miles away

24 Mar 2009

Jobs fear as hospitals move washing to Leicester hospital jobs could be at risk after a trust decided to send its dirty laundry on a 400-mile cleaning trip.

Tyneside MP Dave Anderson is demanding an inquiry into Newcastle NHS Trust's decision to sent its laundry to Leicester instead of getting it cleaned on the doorstep.

The Blaydon MP has asked Health Secretary Alan Johnson to look into the matter.

Newcastle NHS Trust is one of four trusts on Tyneside which for the past eight years has had its laundry cleaned at Gateshead's Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

But now it has decided to pull out of the centralised laundry service and employ a private firm, Sunlight, in Leicester.

The trust says it is changing to a new provider for quality and cost reasons. But Mr Anderson is challenging how it can be done cheaper sending it to Leicester.

He raised the issue in the Commons last night after receiving a letter for union officials working for Gateshead hospital trust.

Mr Anderson said:

"There are 100 people employed at the laundry and there has to be an enormous amount of laundry cleaned for Newcastle's hospitals. I am very concerned for the job implications.

"But there are wider issues here. Newcastle say there is an issue about quality at Gateshead and I want to know what that is. And I am concerned how it can be done better and cheaper at Leicester. "I will be meeting with people from both trusts to find out exactly what is going on and reporting back to the Secretary of State."

Mr Johnson has promised to look into it. He told the Commons:

"At face value, that seems rather strange, environmentally as well as financially."

Liz Twist, Unison's regional head of health said the current service of having laundry done on the QE site has worked really well and it makes sense to have the laundry done locally.

She said Newcastle's decision is a major blow but it is not known yet what effect that would have on the service and jobs.

"We want them to look at this decision again," she said. "We don't think it makes any kind of sense to be transporting laundry from an NHS service that is locally-based and taking it up and down the motorway to be cleaned."

A spokesman for Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said:

"Newcastle Hospitals have a long association with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead, but have for some time been concerned that the laundry is no longer in a position to provide and ensure our wishes for compliance with the very highest level of product standards that we seek.

"All in all it is down to quality first and foremost, then cost."

A spokesman for Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust said:

"There was an initial agreement between Newcastle Hospitals Foundation Trust, South Tyneside Foundation Trust, Gateshead Hospitals Foundation Trust and Newcastle Primary Care Trust to have a central laundry service at the Queen Elizabeth hospital.

"Newcastle has given notice that it wants to withdraw from the agreement - they have to give two years' notice to do that.

"Gateshead and the remaining partners are reviewing the situation."


Evening Chronicle

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Dave backs his local pub
Dave backs his local pub

Over 200 North pubs gone

14 Mar 2009

A report published by a Parliamentary group of which Dave is a member which highlights this issue

The report reveals that over 200 pubs have closed in the region since 2004. A meeting about this was recently held in Parliament attended by many MPs, Ministers and interest groups.

Dave said,

"Itís worrying and confirms what a lot of us knew without knowing how bad it really was until now. "The turn out for the meeting was phenomenal. It was standing room only. It wasnít a slagging off meeting it was very constructive."

"Itís worth remembering that on average each pub pays the state £85,000 a year in taxes. If a pub closes the Government loses that money and must also pay out in benefits to the people who lose their jobs."

Dave has previously called for a lower tax on beer served in pubs and has stressed their role in local communities.

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Condemning the RealIRA

11 Mar 2009

Dave has tabled a Commons motion condemning the attacks by the Real IRA

He welcomes action by the Northern Irelandís trades unions to organise rallies today to allow the public to express their anger .

Daveís Early Day Motion reads:

EDM 1019
Anderson, David
That this House unreservedly condemns the murders at the Massereene Barracks in Antrim of two soldiers and the wounding of four other people including two civilians by the Real IRA and sends its condolences to the families and friends of the victims; welcomes the overwhelming condemnation of this cowardly act by public opinion in Northern Ireland, Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland; further welcomes the decision of the Northern Ireland Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, with various civil society groups, to organise lunchtime rallies on 11 March 2009 across Northern Ireland to enable people to express their grief and anger at these murders; and recognises that this is in the best traditions of the non-sectarian trade union movement in Northern Ireland.

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No regrets?

6 Mar 2009

Dave has responded to Lord Tebbitís comments about the 1984 Minersí Strike.

He says the then Conservative government had not been willing to negotiate to the detriment of the region.

Dave said

"Instead of expressing regret 25 years later, if he had been prepared to negotiate a reasonable agreement, we might not have been where we are now."

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Iraq wants to catch up

3 Mar 2009

Dave says that Britain is highly regarded by Iraqis and its people want to catch up the outside world.

But, in a letter to the Guardian, he says the Iraqi government is continuing some curbs on trades unions from the Saddam era.

Daveís letter in the Guardian says,

Your reports indicate that Iraq provides both cause to celebrate and cause for concern as, for example, improvements in security coexist with corruption. Likewise, the growth of an independent labour movement is constrained by continuing restrictions from the Saddam era plus new curbs - their funds were frozen by the Iraqi government in 2005. We now understand that the leaders of the very large Iraqi Teachersí Union are being threatened with jail if they donít hand over their assets and membership lists.

Longer term, there is great scope for increasing the Iraqi-British relationship in commercial, cultural and political areas. In three trips in recent years, we found a high regard for Britain in Iraq where English is the second language and whose university and medical training follows ours. After decades of isolation from the rest of the world, Iraqis are most keen to catch up via political training and other exchanges. We appeal to all those who organise such programmes to see how they could include Iraqis.

Dave Anderson MP Lab, Blaydon Gary Kent director, Labour Friends of Iraq

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We need Coal

2 Mar 2009

Dave is backing the National Union of Mineworkers in a call to look again at coal for our future energy needs.

Newcastle scientist are leading the way with carbon capture technology but need government backing to get it off the drawing board. Dave, who sits on the new Commons Energy Select Committee, leads the Clean Coal Coalition to allow coal to be used without adding to the green house effect.

Dave said,

"Getting the region, or the country, to the point where it can lead the way will take money, there is no getting around that. But we just do not have a choice, because renewable energy, for all its benefits, is not going to provide all our energy needs, and ministers are now starting to realise that if they donít act now the lights will go out."

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MP wants to meet Mandelson over Mail

Anywhere, any  weather, six days a week
Anywhere, any weather, six days a week
27 Feb 2009

Dave is seeking a meeting with the Business Secretary Lord Mandelson about plans to partially privatise Royal Mail.

He has signed an Early Day Motion against the sell off. Normally aides to Ministers, which Dave is, do not sign EDMs which oppose government policy, but Dave says other ministerial aides feel the same.

Dave said,

"I sent an email and it was done with the intention of working within the Labour party to find a solution that is suitable to all. That is still my intention."

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MP visits students studying English as a foreign language

23 Feb 2009

David Anderson, Labour MP for Blaydon, is heavily involved with campaigns in Iraq and Kurdistan.

He visited Gateshead College on Friday, giving a presentation to students who are studying English as a foreign language.

He said:

"I do what I can to help people in conflict-stricken Middle Eastern countries."

David Anderson has been an MP since 2005. Before that, he worked as a Care-worker for Newcastle City Council, where he was seconded for a Trade Union. He became the National President of Unison and began to focus on Iraq, where there had been a big Trade Union movement with thousands of members pre-Saddam Hussein.

By early 2004, the number of members of Trade Unions in Iraq had dramatically decreased to the hundreds, due to the overwhelming oppression, and David went to Iraq to educate working people about basic rights, providing a foundation allowing them to represent themselves more successfully and increasing awareness of the importance of Trade Unions.

The students who attended the talk today were interested in David's recent involvement with Iraq and Kurdistan.

In Spring 2006, he visited Iraq and Kurdistan. In addition to training workers and promoting Trade Union campaigns, he was able to meet a variety of people and he was astounded by their impressive attitude.

He says:

"The Iraqi and Kurdish civilians I met had recently gone through war and despite having experienced hard times, they were warm, positive and welcoming."

David is a member of Friends of Iraq and is now the Secretary of the Labour Friends of Iraq, who are organisations that help working people in Iraq.

He returned to Baghdad last year to continue his crusade to legalise Trade Unions.

The students who met David asked what differences he observed between Baghdad and Kurdistan. He replied:

"The biggest difference is the fact that if you were not aware of the war in Iraq, you would not realise that Kurdistan had security issues.

"Kurdistan felt safer than Iraq, where we did not go outside the green zones. We had to travel by helicopter and, even then, we experienced people shooting at us, and I witnessed at least 12 mortar attacks in the first day alone.

"Baghdad is still military-run, and it is dangerous. However, since my last visit, I understand the situation has improved slightly, with mortar attacks becoming less frequent, and our campaigns to the Iraqi government have led to the relaxation of the laws that prohibit Trade Unions."

Another student asked what the role of an MP involves. David answered:

"Representing the people who have elected me, whether that be in relation to issues with family and housing, or wider-impacting issues such as war. My job is very varied from day to day and, along with visits, such as the one to Gateshead College today, I also sit in the House of Commons to pass legislation.

"The most important aspect of my job is trying to help people wherever I can."

When asked if he would return to Kurdistan, David said:

"Absolutely. I love the place and I hope it will become a popular with tourists in the future. It is an amazing country full of great, inspirational people."

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Gaps in Baby Hip treatment

23 Feb 2009

Dave has tabled a parliamentary motion highlighting inconsistencies in treatment for hip problems in babies.

The condition development dysplasia of the hip (DDH) receives varying treatment depending on where the child is born, according to survey by the charity STEPS. Dave is urging the government to meet STEPS to address these shortcomings.

Daveís Early day Motion reads:

EDM 826
Anderson, David
That this House warmly welcomes Baby Hip Health Awareness Week from 23 to 28 February 2009, organised by the STEPS charity, which provides support and information for lower limb conditions in children and young adults; notes that the aim of the national screening policy is to identify and treat infants with a hip abnormality at an early stage, with a post-birth hospital check and another check at six to eight weeks, because late diagnosis can lead to complex surgery and lifelong problems, often impacting on psychological development; further notes that up to 2,000 children a year are diagnosed with development dysplasia of the hip (DDH) which requires treatment involving splints and plaster body casts; is concerned, therefore that a STEPS survey of acute trusts and of primary care trusts (PCTs) showed a staggering gap in health policy which, if it were correctly followed, could detect DDH at an early age and prevent years of pain and emotional distress; is disappointed that many PCTs refuse to take responsibility for checking babiesí hips, leaving it to GPs and creating massive inconsistency in procedure; further welcomes the STEPS survey of parents with children affected by lower limb conditions which shows that while many praised the care received during treatment for DDH, the majority felt that they were not informed about the condition, which was not clearly explained to them; and urges the Government to meet STEPS to investigate how these shortcomings can be overcome.

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ĎMy glass is half fullí

15 Feb 2009

Dave is optimistic about achieving some success in the Save the Pub Campaign.

He has been very active in a Parliamentary campaign to save the pub, and wants a freeze on the duty on beer sold in pubs.

Dave said,

"Iím an eternal optimist, my glass is always half full. We think itís unfair to raise the duty on beer even more. The pub ends up paying more. Given the economic circumstances, we know if they shut we end up paying more to people on the dole."

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Think North East First

7 Feb 2009

Dave is backing the Think North East First campaign.

The campaign, launched by The Journal, aims to encourage people to buy local products to support the region in the current downturn.

Dave said,

"The Journal is on the button with this campaign and all power to its elbow. We can all help ourselves and our neighbours by buying locally wherever possible."

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Fuel from Cooking Oil

6 Feb 2009

Dave has tabled a Parliamentary motion calling for more use of waste cooking oil.

He says this is a potential source of energy that help meet emissions targets, and urges the government to do more to make use of it.

Daveís early Day Motion reads:

EDM 701
Anderson, David
That this House notes that used cooking oil is a common waste product that is damaging to the environment and difficult to dispose of; recognises the potential for recycling used cooking oil into a fuel to produce carbon neutral electricity; welcomes the contribution this could make to meeting the Governmentís carbon emission reduction targets; is therefore disappointed that there has been no final decision on whether used cooking oil should be considered a fuel product or a waste product; further notes that this uncertainty is a major disincentive to companies trying to produce such clean and renewable fuels; and calls on the Government to seek swift resolution to these problems in order to encourage such innovation.

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Farewell Peter Young

22 Jan 2009

Dave has marked the retirement of Peter Young from the Evening Chronicle with a Commons motion.

He has tabled an Early Day Motion calling on Parliament to mark his retirement, outlining his career and wishing him well.

The motion reads:

EDM 535
Anderson, David
That this House wishes to mark the retirement of Peter Young as the political editor of the Evening Chronicle, based in Newcastle; notes that Peter enjoyed a long career as a journalist, including stints at the Evening Mail, Birmingham, Express and Star, Wolverhampton and Shields Gazette, South Shields, before joining the Evening Chronicle as a general news reporter in 1975, becoming its municipal editor and then its political editor for a quarter of a century; believes that journalists like Peter play a vital role in making local and regional newspapers such an important part of democracy and accountability in the UK; and further wishes Peter a long and happy retirement.

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  Nissan Logo

We must have viable Car Industry: Dave

21 Jan 2009

Dave has said the government must make sure that the UK has a viable car industry.

He was commenting after the head of Nissan globally said the car industry faced an exceptional, global crisis. He also said that the UK must not be left behind and called for European action.

Dave said,

"We have to do anything possible to make a viable car industry. And these comments from the boss of Nissan reflects what a lot of us are feeling in that the Government needs to engage a lot more closely with the industry.

"We also need a Europe wide response to ensure that all countries play fair to prevent the UK being left behind."

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Let Rock Lend

Northern Rock 12 Jan 2009

Dave has joined calls for Northern Rock to be allowed to lend money.

The bank is ahead of schedule in repaying its debts, and Dave says that it should now be allowed to offer credit once more.

Dave said,

"We should do anything we can to get the mortgage market moving and once one does it, the others will have to because they would fear being left behind."

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Dave to chair new Coal Group

5 Jan 2009

Dave has been appointed Chair of the Parliamentary Coalfields Community group, an influential cross party Parliamentary body.

He will be making the case for coal in the future, using clean coal technology, as well as fighting for the coalfield communities.

Dave said,

"Our key aims are to regenerate former coalfield areas, back miners who suffer diseases from their time in the pits and need compensation, and to push the case for new and clean coal mining. Coal is part of our past, its impact remains with us and clean coal has a bright future.

"We can look forward to putting coal back into our energy strategy through exploiting clean coal technology using pioneering research at the University of Newcastle. This also means reaching the huge amounts of coal off the coast of the North East."

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Action on Pubs needed

3 Jan 2009
Dave supports a local pub
Dave supports a local pub

Dave wants government action to halt the decline in the pub trade.

He wants lower tax on beer served in pubs, and says that pubs are part of the community. They also employ a lot of people.

Dave said,

"Pubs are part of the social fabric in every village and town in this country, but the smoking ban, increased taxes and the recession have all played their part in its decline.

"Iím very passionate about it and I think we should be doing all we can to save them. They employ a lot of people."

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