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Stop the State Visit

2 Feb 2017
Dave is backing calls for the withdrawal of the invitation for a State Visit to President Trump.
Almost 2 million people have signed a Parliamentary petition demanding this invitation be withdrawn.

No direct rule in Northern Ireland

17 Jan 2017
Dave has called on the government to work closely with all parties in Northern Ireland.
He says that politicians in the province should recognise that the Assembly is the only viable way forward and that direct rule from London should be avoided in the run up to the election

Backing for government on Northern Ireland

10 Jan 2017
Dave has called on the government to convene round table discussions of Northern Ireland following the resignation of Martin McGuinness.
He said that Labour would support the government in efforts to ensure long-term stability in Northern Ireland.

Have your say on your NHS

6 Jan 2017
Dave is urging local people to have their say on plans for your NHS in Gateshead and Newcastle. NHS logo The Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commissioning group is holding local meetings to consult the public on the draft sustainability and transformation plans for Northumberland, Tyne, Wear and North Durham.

Digital voter registration

5 Dec 2016
Dave has posed some questions about voter registration and the introduction of digital registering in Northern Ireland.
In a Commons debate, he welcomed the fact that it would not be compulsory and asked how safe and effective such a system would be

Orgreave: The fight goes on

1 Nov 2016
Dave has expressed his shock and disappointment at the Home Secretary's decision not to hold an inquiry into Orgreave. The Battle of Orgreave, 1984 The Battle of Orgreave took place in 1984 during the miners' strike, in which Dave took part when thousands of miners and police clashed in a violent confrontation, resulting in 95 miners being arrested.

That's not cricket, says MP

8 Oct 2016
Dave has gone in to bat for Durham County cricket over the sanctions imposed on the club.
The ECB has given the club a £3.8 million loan, but then has demoted the club, removed its test status and deducted 48 points before the 2017 season starts.

Equalisation of misery

14 Sep 2016
In a Commons speech on Northern Ireland, Dave accused the government of being more concerned with ideology than compassion.
He said that real people across the United Kingdom were suffering real misery as a result of the 'blunt instrument' of austerity, devastating the lives of far too many vulnerable people across Great Britain, plunging them into financial distress.
Watch the video

Labour must rebuild trust

25 Feb 2017
Dave has been addressing the Scottish Labour Party Conference.
As Shadow Scottish Secretary he had a message for Scottish Labour but for the whole Labour Party too.
Dave addressing the Scottish Labour Conference

Stop Driver-Only operated trains

15 Feb 2017
Dave is urging people to sign a petition against driver only trains.
Northern Rail is now being run by Arriva, owned by Deutsche Bahn, the German State owned railway, and they are seeking to cut costs by having only drivers on their trains.
Northern Rail Pacer unit

Families with problem debt should be given breathing space

8 Feb 2017
A new scheme to help thousands of families regain control of their finances has received Dave's backing.
In Blaydon alone, an estimated 2890 families with children are living with problem debt and Dave has joined calls in parliament to introduce a 'Breathing Space' scheme that would offer people seeking debt advice a 12-month legal protection from mounting interest, charges and enforcement action.
Ten pound notes

'It's our health service'

2 Feb 2017
Dave spoke at a Newcastle rally on Saturday.
The march started from Framlington Place at 11:45 on 4 Feb to Grey's Monument where from 1 p.m. speakers, including Dave, will spoke on the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) for Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, and North Durham which could mean our NHS losing £641m in that area on the next four years.
Dave speaking at the rally

NHS in crisis as Trump's friends loom

31 Jan 2017
Dave has written in the local press a defence of our NHS.
He says the government is intent on fragmenting and privatising our NHS, and warns of trade deals with Trump's USA that allows in the circling American health companies.
GP with patient

MPs demand Brexit jobs guarantee

24 Jan 2017
Dave and other northern Labour MPs have written to the Prime Minister about her stance on Brexit.
Twenty four MPs have signed the letter which calls for the government to modify its hard Brexit attitude to negotiations.


Dave will vote to leave

Dave has said he will vote in favour of triggering Article 50.
This follows the Supreme Court ruling that it is Parliament and not the Prime Minister alone that has the power to change the law that makes the UK an EU member.

Union Flag and EU flag

MP welcomes £50,000 grant to develop NEFirst Credit Union

19 Jan 2017
Dave has welcomed a grant to a North East co-operative offering affordable finance.
NEFirst Credit Union has today been awarded a £50,000 grant by Lloyds Banking Group to enable it to lend more to its members. NEFirst Credit Union offers safe savings accounts and affordable loans to anyone who lives or works in the North East, including County Durham, Northumberland and all of the boroughs that make up Tyne and Wear. The money will allow the credit union to provide more services to their members and increase their outreach activities.
Money, ten pound notes

More local jobs under threat at NOV

11 Jan 2017
Dave is due to meet unions this week after yet another blow to local jobs
National Oilwell Varco (NOV) on Team Valley have announced manufacturing at their plant will cease.
NOV logo

Anger at AEI closure

3 Jan 2017
Dave has expressed his anger at the owners of the AEI cable plant in Birtley.
Ducab, the Dubai based company is closing the plant with the loss of 200 jobs, and is exploiting a loophole to avoid paying redundancy money to its sacked workers.
Instead, the taxpayer will have to pay out but Dave suspects that this multi-national company is using this safety net to avoid its responsibilities.
AEI Cables plant at Birtley

Protect our airport

17 Dec 2016
Dave has joined with other North-East MPs in calling for action to safeguard Newcastle Airport.
They feel that it is under threat of competition from Scotland after cuts there in air passenger duty which could lead to an estimated 10% drop in passengers using Newcastle.
Newcastle Airport

Government ignores the nation's needs

8 Dec 2016
Dave launched a stinging attack on the government during a Commons speech about students.
He said the government was ignoring the needs of the nation to bolster its own position in the Commons, running scared from xenophobes, it treats Scotland, a country that has always welcomed students and others to study, like a colony; and claims that this is paralysing the government.
Dave speaking in Westminster Hall (file image)

Brexit and Ireland

7 Dec 2016
Dave has questioned the government in a series of Commons debates around Brexit and its effect on Northern Ireland and the republic.
In particular the problems faced by those injured in the troubles, the plight of UK pensioners living in the republic and he also questioned the 'crass advice' supposedly given to both the United States and Irish governments prior to the referendum.

We must listen to those who voted for change

29 Nov 2016
In his latest article for The Journal, Dave looks back at the optimism of 1997, and contrasts it with today's mood.
He describes the move to the right not just in the UK but across Europe and the USA, and ascribes this to a loss of faith by people that the state is there to serve their interests and the belief that government serves the interests of the few at the top.

What is government hiding about Orgreave?

23 Nov 2016
Dave has argued that the Home Secretary should release all the papers about Orgreave.
Replying to a critical letter in the press, Dave says his recent visit to Scotland to discuss policing there was about Scotland, not Orgreave; he then argues that the facts should be revealed because of similarities in terms of police malpractice to Hillsborough.
Police and miners clash at Orgreave

Help for multiple birth families

16 Nov 2016
Dave is urging people to sign a petition to give a bit more help when there are twins born - or more!
Currently there is no extra maternity pay for multiple birth parents despite the cost being greater.

Borders, Brexit and Fishing

16 Nov 2016
Dave has highlighted just some of the many questions arising from Brexit.
As Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary, he has posed a number of questions to the Secretary of State concerning the UK border with the Irish Republic, the number if Irish citizens who work in Northern Ireland and the situation regarding inshore fishing.

Worry over AEI factory

5 Nov 2016
Dave has said that the news of the possible closure of the AEI factory in Birtley is very worrying.
Over 240 jobs are at stake and Dave says the company must fully involve the staff in their plans and if at all possible retain the factory.
AEI Cables, Birtley

'Shine the light of truth' on policing of strikes

7 Nov 2016
Dave has called on the SNP in Scotland to help right a wrong.
He urges the Scottish government to hold an inquiry into the policing of the miners' strike in Scotland.

Irish concerns expose May's lack of Brexit plan

3 Nov 2016
Dave has responded to the Irish Prime Minister, Enda Kenny, who has voiced concerns about Brexit.
Mr Kenny said there should be no return to the borders of the past, and he urged other EU leaders not to allow anger at Britain's decision to colour the negotiations.
Enda Kenny

Good education for the many not the few

18 Oct 2016
Dave has attacked the government's plans to bring back grammar schools.
In a personal article for the local press, he describes with some feeling his mother's experience who 'failed' the 11 plus through illness, which set the course of her whole life, a fact which she resented to her dying day. Dave writes that defining children as failures at 11 was a nonsense 80 years ago and it will be today.
School children

A non partisan agent for change

28 Sep 2016
In his speech to the Labour Party Conference, Dave, as Shadow secretary of Stare for Northern Ireland and Scotland, chose to concentrate on the special issues of Northern Ireland.
He paid tribute to his predecessors for their work and especially Mo Mowlem, for their work in securing peace in Northern Ireland. He said that he would always act in a non partisan way and in the interest of all communities in the province.
Dave making his speech at conference

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