What does an MP do?

Sometimes people ask that question, and of course they are entitled to know. The most prominent activity of an MP is speaking in debates in the chamber of the House of Commons and questioning Ministers. But this is only a small part of an MP's work. Support for issues can be registered through Early Day Motions but much serious and time consuming work is done in Committee.

But an MP also works on behalf of the electorate in the home constituency. He can lend his support, send out press releases and therefore generate publicity for local issues. Dave holds regular "surgeries" and does a considerable amount of casework on behalf of individual constituents. Obviously, this work is almost all completely confidential, so details cannot be given. You can contact Dave here.

Your Member of Parliament can investigate matters relating to Parliament or Central Government.

They include:

In certain cases your M.P. can refer your complaint to government ministers or to the Parliamentary Ombudsman. Your M.P. will try to give advice on any problem you have.

There is a factsheet published by Parliament which describes the work of an MP and gives some more detail.

You may download that factsheet here. It is 93K and is in Adobe PDF format.

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