Have a Healthy Holiday Travel by Following These Simple Tips

Holiday is that time of the year where a lot of people travel around the world to spend the season with their loved ones. However, it’s not the festive season that throws you off your game. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or even your car, here are ten important tips to keep yourself healthy during your holiday journey.


  • Fight for the Aisle Seat
  • Having a seat by the aisle gives you the chance to have a little walk on the aisle or do some quick stretches without pushing past your seatmates.
  • Go for the Stairs
  • Why go for the escalator or elevator when you can use both of your legs right? This gives you a chance to have a little bit of leg training while going up or down the airport stairs while carrying that huge bag with you.
  • Keep Moving
  • Boarding gates are filled with lots of seats for passengers to use while waiting for their plane. Whenever you arrive at your designated boarding gate, don’t be tempted to sit. Instead, explore the area, walk around while making a phone call, or have a few laps around the terminal.
  • Bring Your Own Lunch
  • Airplane meals are getting lesser and expensive these days. So bring your own meal that consists of healthy food options for you to eat. A simple sandwich and a bunch of bite-sized fruits such as grapes, berries, and the like should be enough.


  • Stand Up Often
  • While waiting for the train to board, always stand up and only sit once the train gets moving.
  • Do Mini Stretches While Sitting
  • Do some mini stretches while you’re on your seat to keep your blood flowing throughout the journey. Simple neck rolls, back twists, lifting and lowering your feet for a few times should be enough.
  • Avoid Sitting on the Dining Car
  • If you’re unlucky, you’ll probably end up sitting on the dining car of the train. You must definitely avoid this part of the train so that you won’t be tempted on the sweet aroma of hot cocoa paired with a pack of M&Ms on the table. The best thing you can do is to arrive early and board the train as soon as possible to get a proper seat.


  • Bring Water
  • Opt for water while traveling by car. Keeping yourself hydrated is essential to stay on top of your health while traveling. Avoid grabbing drinks such as sodas, juices, and energy drinks, during rest stops.
  • Pack Your Own Snacks
  • It’s important to keep ourselves full while traveling. So grab a bag and pack healthy snacks that you can munch on the go. Healthy snacks such as cut up carrots, almonds, seeds, and other bite-sized veggies will do.
  • Make Fitness a Priority
  • While at home, wear your sneakers so that whenever there are pit stops on the road, you can turn them into exercise zones. Use the parking lot as a jogging area or find a bench where you can perform a few pushups or triceps dips. You’ll feel good once you arrive at your destination and it’ll keep your body energized.

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