Four Travel Locations for Newlyweds and Adventure Seekers

When we think about honeymoons, we imagine beautiful far-away places that can put a hole into our wallet. However, hopping on a plane isn’t a requirement every after a wedding. Have a car? Fill up the tank and travel by land instead. It’s less expensive and more romantic in such a way. It also gives you a chance to explore nearby cities you might have never gone before. With that being said, here are four perfect locations for couples and adventure seekers alike.

  • California’s Pacific Coast Highway

  • Driving along this seaside highway is great if both of you want to get some fresh air for a little while. Take your time as you drive and admire the cold breeze of the sea. For adventurous couples, test your skills at the Big Sur and spend the night at a B&B in the beautiful town of Carmel-by-the-Sea. Don’t forget to take a visit on the finest wineries in the town of Solvang and take a tour at the Old Mission Santa Barbara.
  • Travel Tip: It’s advisable to use a convertible while driving along this area. You’ll appreciate the scenery more.
  • East Coast: US Route 1, Maine

  • This highway is about 2,450 miles long that’s located between Maine and Florida. You’ll definitely appreciate life at the sea as you drive along this area. You’ll see whales and seals dancing around as if they’re happy to see you. Travel back in time by visiting the Portland Head Light, the oldest lighthouse in Maine completed in 1971. Don’t forget the world’s biggest and oldest electric railway museum, the Seashore Trolley Museum.
  • Travel Tip: Don’t forget to pack your camera and other essential photography gear to snap photos in this beautiful place.
  • New Mexico to The Million Dollar Highway, Colorado

  • Love history? Then look no further none other than a road trip to the Wild West highway. Start your journey at the caverns in Carlsbad at New Mexico, visit the UFO Museum at Roswell, and continue driving along the road of Santa Fe. What you’ll find in this place is loads of museums and other cultural shops that you might like to visit. Get a load of nostalgia by walking along the cobblestone streets of the Old Town at Albuquerque and take a visit to the oldest building in town, the San Felipe de Neri church. Once there, take a route North and drive along the Million Dollar Highway that stretches 25 miles through the San Juan mountains. You’ll witness old mines as you drive along this path.
  • Travel Tip: Get your Spotify or iTunes playlist ready because this is going to be a long journey to take. Let your partner choose his/her own music too so that both of you can enjoy different genres to listen while driving along the path.
  • Joshua Tree, Death Valley, and Yosemite

  • For the nature lover couples out there, these locations are for you. The Joshua Tree National Park is filled with cacti as you stroll along the Hidden Valley. Once there, test your skills by taking the rock climbing course. Spend a day at the Death Valley where you can take a paleontology tour. Call it a day by driving along the Yosemite National Park. If you want to explore more, you can park your car somewhere in the area and enjoy your time hiking, horseback riding, and biking throughout the place.
  • Travel Tip: Have a DSLR but doesn’t have a fancy lens to pair it with? Check out their local photography stores and grab a lens for taking those picture perfect memories during your honeymoon. But if you don’t have a DSLR in the first place, you can just use your smartphone instead.

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