Eleven Important Travel Tips Before Flying to Italy

If you haven’t been to Italy yet, then you’re definitely missing something big. Millions of tourist all around the world are visiting Italy each year, and some of them even return again and again to experience the magic only Italy can deliver. Italian’s are very kind and patient people. Italy is filled with historical places and their people are happy to share these to you. However, there are some “things” that you should know before flying to Italy. Listed below are eleven of them.

  1. Dinnertime starts at 7 pm

  • Restaurants are probably closed before 7 pm. The best thing you can do is call for a reservation to secure your table once they open.
  1. Don’t show too much skin

  • Clothes such as short skirts, daisy dukes, and halter tops are definitely a no go for Italians unless you’re at the beach. So make sure to cover up every time you take a stroll outside.
  1. Bread and pasta. The default combination.

  • Bread in Italy should not be eaten without pasta. Bread is used as a “fare la scarpetta” or “make a little shoe” to clean the plate out of sauce. Bread is usually paired with the appetizer in some restaurants in Italy.
  1. Explore. Explore.

  • Italy is filled with lots of attractions you’ll surely enjoy. Go outside, listen to a street performer, grab a coffee at a nearby café, or eat traditional meals made by the locals. It’s always a good thing to explore the area to discover something new.
  1. Afternoon closing times

  • Some shops outside the town usually close between 1 pm – 4 pm. This is because Italians want to go home and enjoy lunch with the whole family together.
  1. Taxi service is different

  • Calling for a taxi in Italy is not as simply waving around randomly at the corner of the street. You actually need to make phone calls or wait exactly at the taxi stand in order to get one.
  1. Learn a bit of Italian language

  • Before you go, it’s important to learn their language even the most basic phrases. There’s no use immediately speaking English hoping you’d be understood. Phrases such as “Parla l’Inglese?” is a polite way to ask them if they can understand your language.
  1. Coperto

  • Coperto, or tipping in other countries, is not necessary in Italy. Although you can still tip in some establishments but it should never exceed for more than 5-10 percent.
  1. Always ask for a check

  • Restaurants in Italy don’t automatically give you the check after you’re done eating. They want to let their customers spend time on the table and let them decide if it’s time to pay or not. So if you’re ready to leave, ask for the bill such as saying “il conto.”
  1. Take it slowly

  • Italy is indeed a beautiful place filled with culture, art, vineyards, delicacies, and museums. You can’t visit all of them in just one travel vacation. That’s why a lot of tourists are visiting Italy multiple times a year to savor and appreciate what Italy has.
  1. Always smile

  • Whenever you’re out in the city, always smile to people or whoever you meet in Italy. Make a lot of happy memories in Italy that you can take home and look back that will inspire you to take another visit when the time comes.

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