Eleven Astral Travel Tips You Should Know

If you’re not familiar with Astral travel, it is the state where the mind leaves the physical body and are free to roam around in the parallel astral plane. You can let your mind go anywhere you like and meet up with other people’s consciousness that is also traveling at the same astral plane. Everyone has the ability to do astral travel, as long as you practice how to do it and by following these tips down below.

  1. Check your health

  • Be sure that you’re healthy enough before you start your astral travel experience. A weak body and health hinder you to do so.
  1. Relax

  • Keep your body and mind relaxed. Relax each of your muscle group by concentrating on them one after another. Do this until your whole body is completely relaxed. Clear your mind from any thoughts that can hinder your astral travel. Fill your soul with peace and quiet. Practice your breathing patterns. Take slow breathes as you feel the air entering and leaving your body. Achieve a calm state of mind by meditating.
  1. Listen to peaceful sounds

  • Download some binaural sound beats while trying to enter the astral state. These sounds alter the frequency of your brainwaves, enabling you to quickly perform astral travel.
  1. Try different methods

  • There are lots of ways to project astral travel. What works for you might not work for the other and vice versa. Such of these include the rope method, where you imagine yourself climbing out of your body using a rope. Another one is imagining a solid object and using it to pull yourself out of your body. Try to find what works best for you and go for that one.
  1. The time of day matters

  • Astral projection can be done anytime no matter what time of day it is. However, nighttime works perfectly for some people. But you can try doing it in the morning and see if you can achieve it.
  1. Release

  • Once you head towards astral travel, your body will start to pulse and you’ll feel vibrations all over you. Don’t be distracted once this happens as this is completely normal. Focus on your goal of achieving astral travel and don’t be afraid of any sensation that you felt during this time. Once your consciousness is almost ready to leave your body, you will experience a partial paralysis. Again, don’t be afraid because this is part of the process. You’ll eventually get back to your body once you’re done.
  • Keep in mind that you won’t get lost in the astral plane. You can still go back and forth out of your body since our consciousness is connected to our body by a silver cord.


  1. Patience is key

  • Failed at your first attempt? Then try again. Be patient and believe in yourself that you can do this. Keep yourself motivated at all times.
  1. Do this because you WANT it

  • Don’t think astral travel as your past time only. Do this because you really want to travel out in the astral realm.
  1. Educate yourself

  • Research as much as you can about astral travel so you’ll have a broader knowledge of the activity. Read books or go online and watch astral travel documentaries and actual recordings.
  1. Move away from your body

  • Once you’re out of your body, it’s important to move away from it as much as you can to prevent yourself from snapping back in quickly. Take time to explore the surroundings around you during your astral travel.
  1. Keep track of your experiences

  • After successfully doing an astral projection, don’t forget to jot down all in your notes about the experience. List everything such as the time taken to get out of your body and the amount of them you spent outside of the physical world.

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