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11/04/17 The Cuts that never heal
07/03/17 Join the Great Get Together
31/01/17 NHS in crisis as Trump's friends loom
29/11/16 We must listen to those who voted for change
18/10/16 Good education for the many not the few
13/09/16 'Bigger than politics' Orgreave inquiry urgently needed
09/08/16 Use the power of the state - help the needy, not the greedy
05/07/16 Call for calm and co-operation to build peace
31/05/16 Let's build a fairer Europe - from within
26/04/16 North-East needs better devolution deal
22/03/16 IDS of March leave government in disarray
16/02/16 Muzzling charities mocks so-called 'Big Society'
12/01/16 Choose civil engineering
15/11/30 War and peace
27/10/15 Your right to vote under threat
29/09/15 A man of conviction
11/08/15 Labour needs to increase and share prosperity
30/06/15 Powerhouse, not Poorhouse
18/05/15 Collective aspiration, not just individual
09/03/15 Why Cameron is running scared
03/02/15 Decent health and social care should be a priority
06/01/15 Losing our libraries is costing our community
02/12/14 Doing right by our veterans
04/11/14 Equal Pay
06/10/14 We should integrate the NHS and a national caring service
16/09/14 Stay together, change things for the better together
09/09/14 Helping the Kurds helps the fight against barbarism
04/08/14 Act now to save our NHS
13/05/14 Never mind Pfizer, the NHS should have its own pharmaceutical arm
08/04/14 A publicly-owned East Coast Main Line was so dangerous to the dogmatists of privatisation
18/03/14 Bankers, bonuses, bedroom tax - and the budget
14/01/14 6,000 denied compensation
24/12/13 An NHS to be proud of
23/10/13 Energy - failing to learn from history
18/09/13 'Pure theatre' of illiberal democrats
24/07/13 North-East stuck in the slow lane
15/07/13 So much for that union "influence" in the Labour Party
26/06/13 Let's help those who give so much to protect us
15/05/13 Government fixated on EU, not Britain
27/03/13 Failing policy cuts no ice in real world
12/03/13 We left Saddam too long
26/02/13 This Terrible Bedroom Tax Solves Nothing, Let's Get It Scrapped
23/01/13 The failure of Atos debated
28/11/12 A cold beer and help when it's needed for our service personnel
25/10/12 Remember to vote for police representative
19/09/12 The future looks grim for older women if we go on as we are
16/08/12 A cure is the best option ... and cheapest
18/07/12 Gala Review
20/06/12 Government must make ending child poverty a priority
28/05/12 My job as MP
14/05/12 Aggressive austerity and the stench of failure
18/04/12 Health in Kurdistan
28/03/12 Millions suffer while millionaires gain
21/03/12 Families to lose tax credits
14/03/12 Showing you care
13/03/12 Coalition meets a perfect NHS storm
07/03/12 Wheels 2 Work
29/02/12 Cover up of NHS changes
22/02/12 Bearing the brunt of the bus
15/02/12 Billions going from patient care in our NHS
08/02/12 Region's rise reversed
08/02/12 Children's health services
01/02/12 Let's fix the big six energy fix
25/01/12 Incompetent drivers and remembering the Holocaust
18/01/12 Fair on Taxes and Energy
11/01/12 Thanks from the troops, and to you
04/01/12 Too far, too fast; now too little too late
14/12/11 Even more bleeding
07/12/11 Gutter press faces moral judgement
02/12/11 North will suffer
30/11/11 Cut energy bills
23/11/11 It doesn't have to be like this
16/11/11 Backing the local Beeb
09/11/11 Parcels after Poppies
02/11/11 Lib Dems turn back on Farm Wages Board
27/10/11 Seeking a humane economic system
26/10/11 Cuts, Cops and shops
19/10/11 10 million could lose their vote
12/10/11 Public pensions and legal aid
05/10/11 Gates open to Robin Hood
28/09/11 Undermining democracy
22/09/11 Experts ignored on NHS but we pay
21/09/11 Card charges - and Dave wants votes but not for him
14/09/11 Emphasise what we have in common
07/09/11 Post Office purpose
31/08/11 Avoiding and recovering from debt
24/08/11 Teachers and VAT
18/08/11 Police cuts a 'reckless gamble'
17/08/11 Solutions not gimmicks
20/07/11 Hot sun and cold calling
13/07/11 Plurality in the media
07/07/11 Government should negotiate on pensions
06/07/11 Now the details start to appear
29/06/11 NHS changes and chances for 16 yr. olds
22/06/11 Surviving cancer but not financially
15/06/11 We need a better plan for the elderly
09/06/11 The politics of aging and place
08/06/11 Helping our elderly
01/06/11 Well-being and forests
25/05/11 Heroes and Villains
18/05/11 Parliament should get out more
11/05/11 Making Headway with brain injury
28/04/11 Getting to grips with the green economy
07/04/11 MD, the NHS and me
06/04/11 Tackling child energy poverty
30/03/11 Big Society on the march
24/03/11 Parliamentary pressure, in and out of the House
23/03/11 Bank boosting business
16/03/11 Getting the balance right
09/03/11 Experience says health should be a public service, not a market
02/03/11 A sorry government
23/02/11 Older women to lose £1000s
16/02/11 Zealotry will do lasting damage
09/02/11 Olympic legacy
02/02/11 Our forests are not for sale
26/01/11 Getting ready for climate change
05/01/11 NHS back on the brink
08/12/10 A four letter word
01/12/10 Success, opportunity and anger
25/11/10 Homecoming military enlist peer help
17/11/10 The 80s are back
10/11/10 Cuts, St Mary's & science
03/11/10 Focusing on a false economy
27/10/10 Racism and cuts
20/10/10 Miners, MS and whips
14/10/10 Thin end of the cutting edge
13/10/10 Energy, fruit and culture
06/10/10 Party Energised
29/09/10 Energy, Environment & Education
22/09/10 Fighting prostate cancer
15/09/10 Good news and bad news
08/09/10 Smoking down but much more to do
25/08/10 Nurturing our environment
18/08/10 Caring with Confidence
04/08/10 Win £1000 and bridge the divide
29/07/10 Elderly people should receive the best possible care
28/07/10 The Right to Play
21/07/10 Lending a hand in a time of cuts
14/07/10 Repeating the mistakes of the past
07/07/10 Parliament is for the people
30/06/10 The long, painful wait for help
28/06/10 Urgent action needed to fix failing wheelchair services
24/06/10 Going too fast in the wrong direction
16/06/10 Backing volunteers
09/06/10 Olympic Opportunity
02/06/10 Foxes, GVOC and Energy
02/06/10 Defining 'front-line services'
26/05/10 New Parliament, new government
19/05/10 Blunt axe and tough times
25/03/10 Saving Energy and fighting cancer
24/03/10 Pubs, churches, buses and bees
18/03/10 Securing change
17/03/10 Good news, good things
10/03/10 Strings, Chimpanzee and a website
03/03/10 Fun Run and Libel
24/02/10 The Green Revolution
17/02/10 Support for Robin Hood
11/02/10 Case for the North East
03/02/10 Cancer, Carbon, COPD and Northern Ireland
27/01/10 Dave will fight on for plaque sufferers
27/01/10 Burst pipes, WWII Heroes - and Angela Rippon
14/01/10 Bankers' 'Tobin Tax' would raise billions
30/12/09 Looking back on the old year forward to the new
16/12/09 Managing Christmas
10/12/09 The Role of ONE
09/12/09 Safety at Work for shop workers
02/12/09 Carers' Rights Day
25/11/09 The Uses of Literacy
18/11/09 Remembering the Holocaust
11/11/09 Football part of our heritage
04/11/09 The mark of a decent society
29/10/09 Blacklisting must be stamped out
28/10/09 Free books for children
21/10/09 Supporting Sophie
14/10/09 Lottery Funding for Voluntary Groups
07/10/09 Preserving local heritage
19/09/09 The Hub Resource Centre
09/09/09 Recognising Young People - Philip Lawrence Awards
04/09/09 Bobby Robson
29/07/09 Advice for Kids on-line
22/07/09 A uniform approach
15/07/09 Early Day Motions
11/07/09 The Big Meeting
02/07/09 The greatest threat we face
26/06/09 Recovery in Coalfield Communities
26/06/09 Employers urged to do more to protect staff from the sun
19/06/09 Families Facing Disease
11/06/09 Young People and the Environment
05/06/09 Gateshead Older People’s Assembly
01/06/09 The rights of young adults with neuromuscular conditions
29/05/09 Health in Young People
22/05/09 The rights of working people
15/05/09 Just Visiting
04/05/09 The greening of the economy
30/04/09 Fighting Cancer
16/04/09 When money is tight...
13/03/09 Northern Ireland rejects renegade republicans but must integrate more
11/03/09 Helping Good Causes
07/11/08 The historic election of Senator Barack Obama
12/08/08 Muscular Dystrophy Campaign
07/08/08 Is the NHS letting Men down?
01/08/08 Whale Racket Exposed
23/07/08 Clean coal has to be a viable energy goal
23/07/08 Here Comes Summer!

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