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With hacking of websites seemingly becoming more of a problem, please be reassured that no information you provide via this website is held by this website which is operated and hosted independently of any information storage system, either electronic manual, at the MP's office.

Dave Anderson employs a locally based team to deal with constituents' enquiries. You can contact Dave in the following ways:

At his office:St Cuthbert's Community Hall, Shibdon Road, Blaydon NE21 5PT
Chris McHugh, Office Manager
Chris McHugh, Office Manager
By phone:0191 414 2488
By fax:0191 414 2244
By letter:Dave Anderson MP,
House of Commons,
London SW1A 0AA

At surgeries:First Saturday of each month in Birtley and Blaydon
Birtley Library 9.30-11.00am
Blaydon Office 11.30am-1.00pm

You may also email Dave from this website. Please go to the form below

Dave's office in St Cuthbert's Church Hall
Dave's office in St Cuthbert's Church Hall
The doorway welcoming you to Dave's office
  1. Please refer to the page on how an MP can help so that your query falls within the range of matters an MP can deal with.
  2. Only messages from registered electors in the Blaydon Consituency can be accepted and only those will be forwarded for his attention.
  3. Whilst confidentiality will be respected, if it is an issue, you may prefer to write to the MP in the traditional manner rather than send your message over the internet.
  4. Once your message has been received by the MP, it will receive the same consideration and care as other messages from constituents, and you will receive a response in due course.

Map showing Constituency office

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