Best Dog Travel Tips

There’s nothing better than bringing your dog on vacation and share the fun together. However, cars and planes aren’t designed with dog’s in mind, so you have to do a little bit of research before you fly. Traveling ahead of time helps your vacation with your dog worthwhile. Here are the best dog travel tips down below.

Dog Crates

  • Keeping your dog in a crate while traveling is one way to take them with you since you can’t just put your dog beside on your seat inside a plane. Here are a few tips about crating your dog for travel.
  • Ensure your dog got enough exercise and rest before crating him/her.
  • Clear the crate of whatever hazard might be inside. Things such as collars and leashes are dangerous items which should be kept away from your dog once he/she is inside the crate.
  • Don’t treat the crate like a dog prison. Let your dog know that it’s like a safe house for him/her while traveling. Gently open the crate and let your dog inside. Don’t shove your dog directly to the crate as this may trigger him/her that something is off. Be mindful of your body language too so that your dog won’t think of anything bad.

Dogs on a Car

  • Speaking of crates, it’s ideal to crate your dog too while using a car to travel. It’ll be safer and you’ll be less distracted while keeping your eyes on the road. Before taking them to your road trip, don’t feed them anything heavy as dogs are prone to motion sickness. If you do, the last thing you’ll see is puke all over your backseat. Don’t feed your dog while driving too. Wait for traffic stops before giving him/her snacks. When you arrive at your destination, have a little bit of play time with your dog to get rid of some pent-up energy. Don’t ever leave your dog inside your parked car especially under the heat of the sun. A car can quickly turn into an oven when it’s hot outside so better take your dog out before he/she gets dehydrated.

Dogs on a Plane

  • Before taking your dog with you on a flight, be sure to take a look at your itinerary and see if they have special rules or guidelines about pet travel. Some airlines require a health certificate and any other special rules before you can take your dog with you. As mentioned earlier, putting your dog on a crate while traveling is a much safer choice. Don’t forget to keep your dog hydrated before traveling too. Lastly, don’t say goodbye to your dog especially if he/she is not flying with you in the main cabin. It will only make them sad. So stay calm as always.

Medicate or Not?

  • Some people like to use medication on their pets to keep them calm while traveling. However, medicating your dog is a big NO. Don’t ever rely on pills for your pets. Use yourself. You have the body language, the voice, and the attitude to keep your dog calm during the trip.


Keep Calm and Carry On

  • Dogs like to feel at home, so don’t forget to bring their favorite blanket or stuffed animal to accompany them during the trip. Familiar items will help your dog to calm down and stay relaxed. Another thing you can do is give your dog a little aromatherapy or deep tissue massage starting at your dog’s spine and work your way up to his/her head.

Dogs Inside a Hotel. Possible?

  • Before flying, make sure you researched ahead of time about your accommodation. Does the hotel you booked allow pets? If so, then good. If not, then consider re-booking for another one. Hotels such as the Best Western welcomes pets and even gives them dog-friendly activities to keep your dog company while you’re out. Other hotels, however, don’t have this kind of thing. Barking is another thing that you should definitely take care of. Dog’s tend to bark especially to new and unfamiliar places. So stay calm and assert your dog to keep him/her from barking inside the hotel.

Go for a Walk

  • Now that you’re all set and all your things are packed inside your hotel room, it’s time to take your dog on a long walk outside the hotel to give them their much-needed exercise. Not only that, but it’ll also help your dog to be familiar with the place too. Dog’s tend to be nervous when they meet new people so growling at random people are likely to happen. Don’t think this as a negative thing, your dog is probably freaked out and it’s your job to keep him/her calm.

Entering a Hotel Room with Your Dog

  • While entering a hotel room, you should go first before letting your dog in. Once inside, don’t let your dog wander around or the last thing you’ll see is a messy room created by your dog. Do all the essential first like packing, showering, or making phone calls. You should be the one to take control of the environment. Once you’re done doing all those necessary stuff, this is the time to initiate activity and have a little play time with your dog.

Exploring the Area

  • Going on a vacation will greet you with a lot of new sights, smells, sounds, and places for you to wander. While strolling around with your dog, keep an eye on every area especially for things that your dog might ingest. This is important when you’re traveling during the holidays. A lot of lights, decorations, and other snout-level items can be distracting and hazardous for your dog.

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